Monday, June 27, 2011

Summertime with the Children & Youth Program

The Stewpot’s Children and Youth Program are off to a great start since we kicked off on June 13! Summer Crew has been doing some exciting activities. They took a field trip to Half Price Books to pick out a book to read for the summer and they will be doing activities based on their book. They are also doing an architect project led by Oscar, one of the Summer Crew staff that has an architect degree. The Summer Crew is doing a computer class each Wednesday where they are doing various projects including designing their own website. They have been on field trips to Nickelrama, the movies and roller-skating.

The program that has been traditionally called Summer Day Camp has changed names to Summer Kid’s Club. They are studying different continents in their “World Tour 2011”. They have already toured North America and South America and will be going to the other continents throughout the summer. They also participated in the Shake-It-Up Café VCS curriculum by incorporating the theme into their normal day camp activities. They are rotating through classes such as reading, computers, art, recreation, small games, music, drama, and library time. The camp has also been on field trips to roller skating, bowling, and the Frontiers of Flight Museum.

Our first Summer Visiting Youth group was from Lake Jackson, Texas. They visited English Language Ministry (ELM), Vogel Alcove, Grace Presbyterian Village, acted as Junior Counselors for the day camp, led a Bible study at The Stewpot and served dinner at The Bridge. It was a full but great week.

The second week some of the Summer Crew members served as the volunteer group for the day camp. Many of them have been part of the program for many years and are now able to give back. We had a great time at the pool party sharing about their experiences in the children and youth programs.
We have been enjoying the new computers which include 15 desktops and 30 laptops and a projector that were donated by an anonymous donor for the children and youth programs. They have opened up new opportunities for us to incorporate technology into the children and youth programs and expand the number of students that are able to use computers at one time. All of the children and youth love them and they have already been used a lot!

A fun day out at the skating rink.

Working hard on the computers recently donated. 

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