Thursday, June 9, 2011

Staying Connected

You know how disconnected you feel when you leave your phone at home or in the car? No one can reach you and if something happens you won't know. Now imagine not having a phone and how disconnected you would be all the time.

The Stewpot serves as the host agency for Dallas Community Voicemail, a program providing free voicemail numbers to those who need it. People receive a phone number with a Dallas area code that they can use to apply for jobs, receive information from doctors, or just stay connected to their friends and families.

The really cool thing about this program is the broadcast messaging feature. Our Community Voicemail program director, Betty Heckman, is able to send out one message to all CVM participants at once. Each week she sends out messages including information on job openings, community events, healthcare, and even inspirational messages.

Listen below to some of the responses from a recent survey about the benefits of Community Voicemail!

Learn more about CVM National
Learn more about Dallas CVM

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