Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dallas Heritage Village Partnership

The Stewpot's STEP program targets homeless individuals living on the streets or in a shelter. Participants are placed in small groups led by Stewpot caseworkers who offer job readiness training, job search assistance, case management, voice mail, and other benefits.

The STEP program has partnered with Dallas Heritage Village to give participants a special opportunity. Clients have been hired to do restoration work on several buildings throughout DHV. To identify the best candidates for these positions the Stewpot casework team worked together and discussed each client's experience. Clients were also interviewed by the manager of casework services. One participant had prior engineering experience, so he was a great candidate. The work so far has been very rewarding for him.

Several clients have worked on this project. They are currently working on the Worth Hotel. Below you can see the progress they're making.

Picture Courtesy of Dallas Heritage Village

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