Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thank you Dr. Wood!

For several years people experiencing homelessness were able to come to The Stewpot to get eyeglasses. Dr. Tom Wood spent 3 Wednesday afternoons a month here giving eye exams and eyeglass prescriptions - a huge need. In May Dr. Wood retired. Yesterday we celebrated the work and time he's spent here. In true Stewpot style we had a potluck in our birthday room and enjoyed sharing memories. At the end, Rev. Dr. Bruce Buchanan made a special presentation to Dr. Wood and his wife, Dorothy. We were able to get Dr. Wood some new Stewpot brand prescription glasses (see below) along with a chalk drawing of glasses with the reflection of street life in the lenses by one of the original Stewpot artists. The sweetest gift, though, was a poem written by one of our clients as an entry into one of our talent shows. The poem shows just how important Dr. Wood has been to The Stewpot and the people we serve.


Two heads, four legs and no face I can see,
Just up ahead and its coming at me.
I’ll make my escape, looking left to right,
Full speed onward such is my fright.
The cause of my anguish and of my despair,
I broke my glasses and have no other pair.
Times are troubling with jobs hard to find,
This is the last thing I need on my mind.
But then I’m told there’s help I can get,
It’s provided for free and is my best bet.

Where of all places could this help be got?
Of course, at our friendly, neighborhood Stewpot
My options are few since I have no income,
I’m told not to worry, something can be done.
I got my new glasses in just a few days,
For the Stewpot I have nothing but praise.
They took care of my without a great fuss,
To the world I now see You Look Marvelous.

-Submitted by Queenzetta Jenkins for the 16th Annual Stewpot Talent Show, 10/28/04

Rev. Dr. Bruce Buchanan reading "You Look Marvelous".

Presenting the artwork to Dr. Wood and his wife, Dorothy.

 Dr. Wood modeling his new glasses.

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