Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Welcome to The Bonds!

The Bonds have traveled to Dallas from London to volunteer at The Stewpot for three months. They arrived this weekend and have already impacted us in a great way! We're grateful to them for their time, and we're excited for the next three months! Here's a little update on their first few days in our city.

Although very excited, we were initially rather nervous about arriving in Dallas, and about starting our 3 month stint as volunteers with The Stewpot. However, we have been overwhelmed by the welcome we have received. We have been very kindly welcomed into the home of our first "host", The Stewpot, and the church - all within a very short space of time. We have also been taken to a number of social events. One such event was the celebration on Memorial Day at Flag Pole Hill where we listened to a concert by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. This was very special, and we were very happy to be a part of this celebration. Everybody has been very kind and helpful, and as we have so much to learn - we hope you will bear with us as we acclimatise ourselves to our new surroundings and work - and the heat, too! Any guidance, advice, and corrections are most welcome at any time, and we look forward to spending the summer with you. Thanks for having us!

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