Thursday, March 8, 2012

Program Highlight: Representative Payee

Did you know several people experience homelessness receive money each month, but have no acquired skills or knowledge on how to manage their funds? Did you know that  the homeless cannot open a bank account without having a permanent address?  Often the beneficiaries of SSI, supplemental security income, or SSDI, disability (what is that?) are unable to manage their funds and as a result end up homeless. The Stewpot currently assists clients who were formerly homeless due to mental illness, addictions, or have physical handicaps.  Unfortunately, we also see and serve our Veterans who face homelessness. 

Each of our caseworkers and a team of volunteers are partnered with a client. They develop a relationship with the client and meet with him or her on a regular basis to help manage their funds, and make sure their basic needs are being met. The Representative Payee program assists clients in finding a residence, paying rent, phone bills, bus passes, getting groceries, and so much more at no cost to the client.  Our goal at The Stewpot is not only have less people on the streets, but for our clients to experience life and fully thrive on their own.

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