Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2011 Stats

Overview of 2011 services and outcomes tracked by The Stewpot include: 
· 5,167 contacts for ID documents, an important step for those seeking jobs and housing;
· 12,105 meals served to 470 children;
· 195 participants in our Community Court program, clearing Class C Misdemeanors;
·  5,312 visits for Rep Payee clients; this program enables physically and mentally challenged    people to support their housing and basic living costs;
· 979 subscribers to Community Voice Mail with 101 individuals successfully finding work;
· 406 individual sessions for 58 participants in STEP (Stewpot Transitional Employment Program); 
· 177 homeless vendors sold 72,000 issues of Street Zine.  This monthly newspaper on homeless issues provides income for individuals seeking to earn their way out of poverty; 
· 2,588 individuals received 40,349 dental procedures provided; 395 individuals received 1,976 medical and substance abuse counseling sessions;
· 3,899 participant sessions in Art Classes that offer creative experiences, build self esteem, and often provide an income stream when Stewpot clients are able to sell their work.  Daily art classes offer self esteem building, and individual income possibilities.  Other initiatives valued by clients include Community Concerts and The Stewpot’s Annual Talent Show - offering unique cultural opportunities. 
· 470 children and youth participants each year in four levels of age appropriate programs.  Currently The Stewpot is providing college scholarship assistance to 45 former program participants.
·  4,500 individuals volunteered in Stewpot programs, resulting in the agency being one of the largest single volunteer sites in Dallas.

Additionally, The Stewpot successfully completed its fourth year operating Second Chance Café at The Bridge where we served 564,216 meals, and successfully trained 18 formerly homeless individuals in food handling so that they now comprise more than half of our kitchen staff.  As our partner agencies like The Bridge refocus their efforts to assist the chronically homeless over the age of 18, The Stewpot is increasingly focusing its efforts on the underserved segment of the homeless population and on at-risk families living in poverty. 

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