Thursday, March 6, 2014

Food Recovery Challenge Underway

By Stephen Sturdivant, EPA Region 6
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center - Centerplate has joined the Food Recovery Challenge and with the help of EPA, have successfully donated food that would otherwise be thrown away not only to help feed the homeless but to also reduce the environmental impact that food waste represents.  This is one of many actions being taken by the Convention Center as part of their program in the Food Recovery Challenge.  This test run between Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center – Centerplate, FoodSourceDFW, and The Stewpot was a success and marks the beginning of a new relationship of donating to the homeless.  And ATT Stadium is watching.  They hope to do the same thing and they along with others will look at this success as encouragement to donate themselves in the DFW area.    

Thank you to all who helped make this partnership happen: 

•         Bonnie Zitek, Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center
•         Douglas Keller, Centerplate
•         David Skorka, Centerplate
•         Dan Craig, Centerplate
•         Florence Chauvet, Centerplate
•         Snaxpo
•         Melissa Smith, EPA
•         Frances Verhalen, EPA
•         Cameron Balch, EPA
•         Joyce Stubblefield, EPA
•         Golam Mustafa, EPA
•         Stephen Sturdivant, EPA
•         David Riley, EPA
•         Lee McMillan, EPA
•         Todd Collier, FoodSourceDFW
•         Susie Marshall , FoodSourceDFW
•         Brenda Roberts, The Stewpot
•         Lee Hutchins, The Stewpot
•         Cristy Ecton, Rock and Wrap It Up

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