Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Texas Heat is Here!

Does someone you know meet this criteria?

1. The individual’s current residence must not have a functioning air conditioner, and in your view they do not have the financial resources to buy one themselves. However, they would have available resources to cover electrical costs for the operation of the air conditioner.

2. The individual must occupy the residence where the window air conditioner unit will be installed.

3. The individual’s residence must be located within the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

If someone meets the criteria above, then the North Texas Air Conditioning Initiative can help!

The North Texas Air Conditioning Initiative has been developed to assist individuals in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area who lack air conditioning in their residence by providing window unit air conditioners as relief from the intense summer heat.

If your organization serves individuals who meet the above criteria - or you believe you will become aware of individuals who meet this criteria, please contact the North Texas Air Conditioning Initiative for more information.

*Although not a requirement, priority should be given to individuals who are elderly, infirmed, or have young children

** The individual must agree to be present when the installation occurs.

If you are an individual who meets the criteria above, please work through your local non-profit organization to learn more (Local non-profit contact information is below).

Organization:                     CORNERSTONE BAPTIST CHURCH

Contact Person:                 KERRICK MOLLICE

Phone Number:                  (214) 426-5468


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