Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Last year a volunteer group from Starbucks was eager to come and serve on MLK day. It started a beautiful tradition of celebrating the pursuit of peace and equality among all people.

The tradition continued yesterday. A group of 11 Starbucks employees and a few family members came to lead a celebration service led by Michael Wyatt.

The afternoon started with what else, but some Starbucks coffee - a treat for everyone in attendance. Guests were invited to remember the legacy of Dr. King by reading quotes and excerpts from his speeches. And what's an event without some door prizes?

Maybe the most meaningful part of the afternoon was our time spent predicting and sharing our hopes for the next 25, 50, and 75 years concerning racial harmony in our community and throughout the world. Here are a few predictions and hopes for the future:

25 Years
  • Some people hope to still be living
  • Others predicted the return of Jesus
  • There will be more organizations like The Stewpot and Union Gospel Mission to help people
  • There will be peace and equality for all people 
50 Years
  • There will be less homelessness 
  • We will see the first female president elected in the United States
75 Years
  • Some guests mentioned they'd like to see a better understanding of homelessness in 75 years and how to approach the issues involved
  • No more slavery 
  • No more hunger 
Hopefully we will see these predictions become reality. At the very least, we can play a part by sharing kindness each day!

Getting some coffee. 

Our awesome group of Starbucks volunteers. 

 Reading MLK Quotes.

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