Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pilot Food Distribution Program

Saturday, March 31st was an exciting day at The Stewpot for staff, volunteers, and 13 families who participate in our ESL classes.  The Stewpot is now serving as a Multi-Family Food Program distribution site for Crossroads Community Services—and Saturday was the pilot distribution!

On Friday, staff members received a huge palette of bulk food items from CCS—including frozen chicken quarters, eggs, jalapeno peppers, corn, and much more. Volunteers arrived at 10:30 Saturday morning prepared to have fun and work hard—which they did! They began by spreading the 1,761 lbs of food out on tables by food category. Once that was done, they began building each family’s individual food order. Each family received a week’s worth of groceries—and because of the incredible system Crossroads has in place, each member of every family received their correct caloric amount of food based on age, gender, and activity level.

The families joined the group at noon and everyone enjoyed a brief nutrition lesson (be sure to make half your plate fruits and vegetables!) and Ants on a Log (or celery with cream cheese and raisins…) before the groceries were loaded up into each family’s vehicle. It was a warm and rewarding day of hard work and fun. We are now eagerly looking forward to our next food distribution on Saturday, June 23rd! If you are interested in volunteering please contact our Director of Volunteers, Jean Jones, at

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