Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rock My Soul

The Stewpot hosted a Community Concert in the sanctuary of First Presbyterian Church on Valentine’s Day for our friends. The concert was underwritten and sponsored by the David Nathan Meyerson Private Foundation.

Eye-popping dancers and soul stirring music by artists young and mature have always strikes a "high note" but the true SHOW STOPER is the spur of the moment STEWPOT CHOIR! People sign up for the choir the day of the evnet and they rehearse, share pizza and perform.

If you heard them, you'll want to here more voices from the street-put the Annual Stewpot Talent Contest (2pm on October 31st) in INK on your calendar. You'll love it!

Today's Stewpot choir was under the direction of the Rev John Thornburg accompanied by Daniel Harp. Tom Froelich shook the house playing the 3000 pipe organ of 1st Presby, where he has been the organist for 35 years.

Floramay Holliday stirred our "ripe for the picking" Valentine hearts with guitar and vocal. Pieces of her own composition and a Hank Williams favorite: "I Saw the Light" all did just that: Shared the Light!

It was a first in our concert series to have a Mother/Daughter performance. Mom, Norlynn Price on piano accompanied her daughter, Hannah, on violin. Hannah is a sophomore at Dallas' Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing Arts. Wow!

Gary Floyd, singer and pianist and world renown jazz vocalist, Terry Loftis delivered the Grand Finale. It was a return performance for Gary. They were stunning and inspiring!

We thank all who shared their gifts.

Other gifts were shared as people left the concert-backpacks stuffed with great things were handed out-people made a beeline to the Stewpot, across the street for the drawing of the VERY POPULAR door-prize of TWO NIGHTS in a Dallas Hotel.

There were no losers, everyone was a winner!

All pictures taken by the David Nathan Meyerson Private Foundation. 

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