Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Feline Newsmakers

Any visit to the Stewpot needs to include saying "Hello" to Precious, our 2nd floor feline resident. She's a "Working Cat" and keeps other four legged visitors and some two-legged ones as well in check. She's a great companion and is very well informed about the Fine Arts (a la the Stewpot's Open Art Studio) and knows the ins and outs of Food Pantry management. About three weeks ago Precious came face to face with another of her species in a surprise encounter.

On a Sunday morning the mournful sounds of a cat were heard on the Stewpot first floor. A search to locate the Meow-er found Precious safe and sound and suspicions that another cat was nearby. Two days later without benefit of séance several people were enveloped by the calling of a cat from "beyond".

As best we can figure a cat wandered into the 15feet of space above the suspended ceiling of the 1st floor and the floor-boards of the 2nd. Most of us thought only the likes of John Malcomvitch inhabited these inter-floor zones. "Cat" was spotted, fed and wooed. She was captured in a stunning "Have-a-Heart" adventure. With the hopes she would be a suitable companion for Precious.

"Cat", an 8 month true calico, was taken to a vet where she spayed and determined she was feral. We were advised the most humane thing was to release her back downtown. She was given a casework referral letter, several bus passes and the number of Judy's special hot-line.

Over the years the Stewpot has rescued many animals. "At risk" dogs, cats, birds and rabbits have gotten 2nd chances along with people. Food, water and respite have long been de facto Stewpot service. Many of us have taken home "just temporarily" an animal that became a long-time companion. Oh well, we also have a shelter for unwanted 8-track tapes.


Precious the Cat

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