Wednesday, October 12, 2011

phoneless. not hopeless.

Today we want to share some encouraging feedback from one of our Community Voice Mail clients. He receives a free voicemail number through our program.

“Good afternoon, this is Richard Sams.  Listen, I just can’t thank you enough to First Presbyterian Church and Community Voice Mail for providing me this number – it has helped me get into a veterans rehabilitation program, it’s also working right now as I’m on my journey for permanent employment for employers to contact me, and it’s also been a number for my family, by my family being out of town, to contact me and leave me a message if there is an emergency or if somebody gets sick such as my mother since she is in a nursing home now.  So I just want to thank you and I just pray that you continue this service – it helps get homeless people off the street and get employment.  It’s just been a blessing to me – it’s just been all positive.  I just thank you…”

It's hard to imagine that someone might not have access to a phone. So many of us are constantly connected to hundreds (maybe even thousands) of people through our phones - phone calls, texts, Facebook, e-mails. We forget what life was like before the never-ending stream of status updates and mass text messages. Thanks to programs like Community Voice Mail, people are able to stay in touch with family, employers, and health care!

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