Sunday, August 14, 2011

Children and Youth Program Scholarships

This past spring, 100% of the senior graduates of The Stewpot’s Venturing Crew program made plans to go to college. This is fabulous news, bucking the trend that 70% of Hispanic youth in DISD drop out of high school. A total of 45 former Stewpot youth participants are enrolled in college this fall with CM scholarships funding 2011-2012.

Congratulations toErika Ayala at UT Arlington; Sergio Ayala at University of North Texas; Edith Barrera at El Centro; Robert Campos at Del Mar College; Francisco Chavez at UT Austin; Brenda Delgado at University of North Texas; Natalie Gaona at Mountain View; Janie Garcia at Mountain View; Nallely Garcia at Eastfield; Hugo Gonzalez at East Texas Baptist University; Adiel Guillen at Eastfield; Asael Guillen at El Centro; Yaritza Guillen at Richland; Luis Ibarra at Eastfield; Edgar Lucero at UT Austin; Liliana Manzano at El Centro; Christopher Martinez at Eastfield; Leonel Mendez at University of North Texas; Gaby Mendez at El Centro; Maria Mendez at El Centro; Ariana Najera at UT Dallas; Arlene Najera at Eastfield; Eileen Najera at Richland; Daniel Ortiz at Mountain View; Gabriel Ortiz at Eastfield; Sergio Patino at UT Austin; Norman Puga at DeVry; Danielle Rivas at Our Lady of the Lake; Diane Rivas at UT Austin; Diana Rodriguez at Anthem College; Isamar Rojo at Mountain View; Betsy Romero at Richland; Francisco Rosales at Mountain View; Joey Rosales at McPherson College, Kansas; Mayra Rosales at UT Arlington; Kevin Ruiz at El Centro; Ismael Salazar at Eastfield; Elizabeth Ibarra Soto at Mountain View; Rolando Sustaita at Tarrant County College; Roxann Sustaita at University of North Texas; Luis Vargas at Texas A&M; Alisia Vasquez at Texas Woman’s University; and Natalia Vasquez at Midwestern University. Additionally, Juan Faticati at Eastfield and Michael Martinez at Austin Community College have deferred scholarships.

Special congratulations to CM scholars who recently completed their degrees in fall 2010 and spring/summer 2011—Gerardo Altamirano in pschology at UT Arlington; Jennifer Figueroa in engineering technology at Texas A&M; Fanny Guillen in pre-dental at UT Pan American; Jeanette Hernandez in family studies at Texas Woman’s University; Vanessa Leyva in ethnic studies at UT Austin; Steven Medina in electrical engineering at UT Arlington; Angelica Salazar in bilingual education at UT Arlington; and Ilse Zumaya in business management at Texas A&M Commerce.

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