Friday, November 26, 2010

Adopt-A-Family for Christmas

During Christmas, The Stewpot hosts families from our Saturday School program who need additional assistance during the holidays. We are currently serving approximately 110 children in Saturday School. For the most part, these children's families are working poor and their parents struggle to provide financially for them. The need is particularly acute at Christmas time.

In an effort to spread joy and festivity at this special time of year, The Stewpot has had an Adopt a Family Program to give others an opportunity to assist these families during the Christmas season.

We hope to provide each qualifying family with a Target gift card. This will give the parents the opportunity to decide what their children receive for Christmas and to experience the joy of shopping for their children.

Please send donations to: The Stewpot, c/o Suzanne Dwight, 408 Park Avenue, Dallas, TX 75201 or donate by credit card. Designate Adopt-A-Family on your check or credit card donation. For more information contact Suzanne Dwight, Director of Children & Youth Programs at (214) 746-2785 ext. 238.

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